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Treatment Methods : Educational Recovery

Providing kids with the tools and skills they need to succeed in school. 

Many of the youth who find their way to the Idaho Youth Ranch have also found themselves struggling in school.  It isn’t uncommon for the kids that we help to be one or more grade levels behind their peers in their age group.   We believe in treating the whole child for long term success.  As we work with them to heal from the issues that brought them to us, we know that for them to have a promising future, completing their education is critical.

Our residential staff work one on one, in conjunction with local school districts and with tutors to help get them back on track and caught up in the classroom.  With classroom success also come self-esteem and the belief that they can tack other issues they face with success.

For many school has just been one more area of their life that has caused them to doubt their worth and feel rejected.  You can imagine the joy that we experience when a teenager finds success that they never believed possible.  In the words of one of our recent ranch graduates, “It turns out I am very smart."

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