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You're part of a family

Were you one of the many who found hope and direction thanks to the Idaho Youth Ranch? If so, you are part of a very special family. And we’re inviting you to reconnect with that family via the Idaho Youth Ranch Alumni Association.

The Alumni Association is open to everyone who has ever participated in any Idaho Youth Ranch program since 1953. Whether you completed services or not, whether you spent a weekend at Hays, three months in counseling, a phase in YOUTHWORKS!, or two years at the Ranch—you qualify as an Idaho Youth Ranch “alum” and are welcome to join us. We'd love to hear from you!

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Alumni Support: Here for each other

Idaho Youth Ranch's alumni coming together to create a community of continued support.

Courageous transformations happen over time, and often include step backs and new challenges along the way. The Alumni Association brings graduates of IYR together to create a family and a community to provide support to new graduates. The alumni association also continues the relationship with Idaho Youth Ranch and continues to share the way their lives continue to improve using the skills they learned at their time with the Idaho Youth Ranch.


We're in it for the long haul

At Idaho Youth Ranch, we  are invested in your success. 

After completing our programs,  we want you to have the courage to pursue whatever dreams you have. We want to help you on your path to a continued education to achieve those dreams.

Every year Idaho Youth Ranch has the honor of awarding scholarships to graduates from our programs to attend universities, colleges, or vocational/trade schools. Their application essays and interviews are always an inspiration to everyone on the review committee. One of the most rewarding parts of the process for us is the chance to learn about the success and challenges that have been overcome by Idaho Youth Ranch alumni.  We take great joy in being able to support your continuing journey through awarding scholarships.

To apply for a scholarship, email alumni@youthranch.org to start the process.

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