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What Our Adoption Program Offers

What Our Program Offers

We know every situation is different. Whether you're an expecting mother or want to become an adoptive parent, Idaho Youth Ranch offers individualized adoption plans that will fit your unique needs.

Some of our resources include:

  • Adoption services

  • Home studies

  • Advocacy

  • Free birth-parent counseling

Because we facilitate open adoptions, we are equipped to help both adoptive and birth parents come to the best solution possible for the children. We stay with those children as they grow and continue to offer our support as they grow, understand their past, and have a bright future. 

Who We Help

Who We Help

Support for Birth Parents

Pregnant and seeking support?

You are not alone. 

We know that facing an unplanned pregnancy can be one of the most difficult times in a woman’s life. That’s why our team of professionals is here to help you through the decision-making process by providing confidential counseling, education surrounding your available options, as well as referrals to legal, medical, and community resources.

Become an Adoptive Parent

Since 1983, Idaho Youth Ranch has worked with adoptive parents to provide loving, stable homes for newborns and older children alike. We know that adopting a child into your family can be overwhelming, but our experienced social workers are here to provide guidance, advocacy, and education throughout the entire process.

"When contemplating one of the biggest decisions of our lives of whether or not to proceed with the adoption process, it was Idaho Youth Ranch that provided the knowledge, professionalism, and understanding we needed to ease our fears and anxieties."


Types of Adoptions

Types of Adoptions

Independent Adoption

An independent or private adoption is one that is not facilitated by an adoption agency but is instead arranged by an attorney, clergyperson, or other intermediary. About half of all infant adoptions are independent in the United States.

Due to their private nature, these non-agency adoptions do not generally include counseling or pre-placement educational services for adoptive parents. Idaho Youth Ranch Adoptions Specialists can provide this valuable support. Our experienced team is here to provide education and personalized consultation throughout.

Infant Adoption

Idaho Youth Ranch works with birth parents and adoptive parents to provide loving and stable homes through the miracle of adoption. Since we began our adoption services in 1983, our experienced staff has always ensured that the child's needs are the primary consideration in planning an adoption.

Requirements for parents applying to the infant adoption program:

  • If married, must be married for at least two years.

  • No more than one child already in the home

  • Established medical reason for not having biological children.

  • Ability to afford the cost of adoption financially.

  • Medical insurance to cover the child after adoption.

  • Completion of adoption preparation classes

Embryo Adoption

Embryo adoption offers hope to those who are struggling to start a family.

Individuals who have undergone In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) may have additional frozen embryos they no longer intend to use. Using an informed consent agreement or contract, they can legally agree to release these frozen embryos to couples who are experiencing infertility.

In this case, a donated embryo is transferred to the womb of the adoptive mother. In the event of a successful pregnancy, the adoptive parents claim all legal rights and responsibility for their new son or daughter. While the adoptive parents can remain anonymous in this type of adoption, they are still required to complete a home study.

Stepchild Adoption

When a stepparent adopts their stepchild, they assume full custody of their spouse's child. In turn, the now non-custodial parent is legally released from all parenting responsibilities.

This is a common form of adoption, but most court jurisdictions in Idaho still require an adoption home study to be completed when a stepparent petitions to adopt their stepchild.

Our experienced team can guide you through the legal process of completing a stepchild adoption and offer education, consultation, advocacy, and ongoing support.

" I was too young to care for a baby and I knew, even at 16, that I couldn’t take care of her. I knew she needed a mom and a dad.  The Idaho Youth Ranch Adoptions staff members were able to pick up on what I wanted for my daughter and found the perfect parents."


Home study

Home Study Process

Each state requires that all prospective adoptive parents participate in a home study.

The home study is a detailed, written report that is compiled and prepared through a series of meetings or interviews to create a complete picture of life in your family. 

The home study process is designed to achieve three goals:

  1. To evaluate the suitability of the adoptive family

  2. To educate and prepare the family for adoption

  3. To gather information about the adoptive family that will better help the social worker match the family with a child whose needs they can meet

While this may seem rather daunting, it is helpful to remember that adoption placement professionals are not seeking perfect parents. They are looking for real people who can provide love and stability for real children. Flexibility and a sense of humor are vital components for raising children, and these same characteristics will be valuable when you and your social worker navigate the adoption process.

The home study consists of the following components:

  • Training (content will vary depending on the type of adoption)

  • Information regarding personal family history, current family composition, parenting philosophy, motivation, and readiness for adoption

  • Health and income statements; personal references

  • Criminal history and child abuse register clearances

  • Birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees (if applicable) and recent tax returns

  • A review of your neighborhood and community resources

  • Home visits and interviews with other family members

The Idaho Youth Ranch Adoptions staff conducts home studies for all types of adoptions. Collectively, our staff of experts has over 50 years of experience in providing specialized adoption services. Together, they can provide you with support and information throughout your adoption journey.

Additional Resources

Additional Resources

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