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Idaho Youth Ranch Job Readiness Program

Youthworks is an 8-week paid on-the-job training designed to give young people the experience they need to succeed. Participants receive a $720 stipend for this program. 

Participants get hands-on experience in retail sales, customer service, merchandising, inventory maintenance, cash handling, and teamwork.

Youthworks helps teenagers find jobs while they gain valuable insight into changing job markets and early exposure to career planning.

The Summer 2024 Group is now full, but we are accepting applications for the September 2024 group. 


Paid Job Training - Treasure Valley and North Idaho

Our program involves 8-week hands-on training designed for youth 14-24 years old.

Training takes place in Boise, ID and is available to youth within 30-40 miles of our Emerald Street location. For youth outside of the Treasure Valley, distance options are available.

Below is a tentative schedule of what participants can expect during each week of the program.


Week 1: Onboarding & Orientation

Participants work with a Job Specialist to prepare for the program. Youth must be available from 4 pm - 7 pm, Tuesday - Friday this week.

    • Tuesday | Orientation Day! Welcome to YouthWorks!

    • Wednesday | Thrift Store Workshop: A group field trip to an Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store offers supervised, hands-on tutorials for the work youth will perform in later weeks.

    • Thursday| Job Readiness: Discover the key to unlocking your potential and achieving success through cultivating a growth mindset and strong work ethic. 

    • Friday | Interview Workshop: Simulated job interview exercises with real-time feedback provides trainees tips on excelling professionally.

Week 2-7: Hands-on Experience

Participants receive on-the-job training at an IYR thrift retail location close to their homes. Each week involves a 12-hour schedule determined by the manager and trainee during an initial interview.

    • By the end of the 7th week, program participants have developed a solid foundation in retail employment with transferable skills applicable in any work setting. Trainees often cultivate improved confidence and form new friendships alongside building a professional skill set.

Week 8: Transition to Employment

  Participants work with a Job Specialist to transition into the workforce. Youth must be available from 4 pm - 7 pm, Tuesday - Friday this week.

    • Tuesday | Application Workshop: Get hands-on experience filling out job applications and learn helpful tips to stand out as an ideal candidate. 

    • Wednesday | Financial Class:  As trainees earn their own money, they gain a deeper understanding of personal finance. Balancing a checkbook, building credit, and creating a budget that works for them empowers youth with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed financially. 

    • Thursday | Job Search Workshop: Applying the knowledge and skills they've developed over the last eight weeks, trainees begin their job search with helpful guidance.

    • Friday | Graduation Day: Youth are welcome to invite their families to show off their accomplishments. Participants will receive a certificate of achievement and become official Idaho Youth Ranch Alumni. 

High school students are welcome and encouraged to apply! This part-time job will be designed to accommodate most school schedules. Check out the Trainee Job Description here. 

For more information, please email questions to youthworks@youthranch.org


Program Requirements

  • 12 hours of participation per week for the entire program in order to qualify for graduation. 

  • Picture ID (school ID, driver's license, passport, state ID, etc.) and social security card. 

  • Ability to work independently and lift at least 40 lbs.

  • A desire to learn and grow.

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