Idaho Youth Ranch Counseling & Therapy

Idaho Youth Ranch nurtures hope, healing, and resilience in Idaho’s Youth through therapeutic tools designed to meet Idaho’s most vulnerable youth where they are. From in-office and TeleMental Health outpatient counseling and therapies to equine-assisted Idaho Youth Ranch is there when Idaho’s youth need help.

Idaho Youth Ranch brings nearly 70 years of experience, masters-level clinicians, and the best counseling and therapeutic tools together to help Idaho’s youth.

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Our Therapies

At Idaho Youth Ranch, we offer a variety of methods to best suit your child and your family's needs. This includes:

  • Behavioral Treatment: Skill-based programs that help kids and families learn and use tools such as mindfulness, emotional control, coping mechanisms, and positive reinforcement. 
  • Relational Treatment: Youth and family-based programs that help disconnected families build trust, develop respect, and improve communications. 
  • Experiential Treatment: Animal-based or activity-based programs that develop emotional strength, resilience, and fortitude even as kids and teens use their own experiences to heal, learn, and grow. 


Explore each option below to find the right fit for your child:

Idaho Youth Ranch Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling

Our masters-educated and trained therapists and counselors have the experience your young person needs to find healing.  

Idaho Youth Ranch Family Counseling (1)

Family Counseling

Idaho Youth Ranch can help your family reconnect, open up lines of communication, and build more positive relationships.

Idaho Youth Ranch Group Counseling

Group Counseling

Group therapy helps young people, ages 9 to 24, to address trauma, dangerous behaviors, troubling feelings or experiences.

Idaho Youth Ranch Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy

Working with horses has been a proven method of emotional recovery and one of the unique services offered by Idaho Youth Ranch. 


Idaho Youth Ranch offers convenient locations in North and Southwest Idaho to provide your child with best-in-class to begin their healing journey.  Find the closest location to you. 

Idaho Youth Ranch also offers Telemental Health for youth and families located anywhere within the state of Idaho.

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You are not alone.

Idaho Youth Ranch is here to provide comprehensive care and support for both you and your child, as you begin to heal as a family. Browse our available information and resources to get the support your family needs.

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Our approach is designed to meet young people where they are to nurture hope, healing, and resilience. Hope and healing are just a phone call away.