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Ruby’s: A store within a store

Have you noticed we have a store within a store at a few Idaho Youth Ranch locations in Boise? We like to call them “Ruby’s.” One way we chose to honor our founder, Reverend James Crowe and his wife, Ruby Carey Crowe, was to dedicate space in several stores to…

Sponsor a Horse

Community Partnerships

You can support the Idaho Youth Ranch by naming us your charity of choice with these community partners. Boise Co-Op The Boise Co-op is dedicated to giving back. Our Change 4 Change Program is a way for co-owners and shoppers to participate in that commitment with us. When customers bring…

Monsters Under the Bed

Everyone knows one kid—that one kid who “fell through the cracks” or “just didn’t stand a chance.” As you sit reading this, can you picture their face? Most everyone knows someone who needed to be saved and who never was. Maybe it began with falling behind in school or a…

Group Opportunity - Deep Clean Hays House

Mary and Jane

When “Mary's” violent husband kicked her teeth in, Mary knew it was time to leave. She lived in an abusive relationship for years, but she simply couldn't take it anymore. She took her children and ran. While Mary lived in her car looking for a job—a difficult task because people…

Ivy’s Story

When Child Protective Services took Ivy away from her mother with a “no contact” order Ivy found herself in foster care—her resentment growing bigger in every new home. “As a foster youth, I’ve had some bad experiences….During my childhood I developed a fear of abandonment,” wrote Ivy. “... I have…

Career Application Waiver text

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: (Read carefully prior to signing!) I understand and acknowledge that there are risks involved in volunteering with the Idaho Youth Ranch. I assume the risk and full responsibility for any and all injuries, losses or damages which might occur to me while volunteering for the Idaho Youth…

Colleen’s Story

Colleen knew abuse from an early age. As the eldest of six, she tried to protect her siblings from a wrathful father and neglectful mother. Finding safety at Hays House, changed her life—and possibly saved it.

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