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Since 1953, Idaho Youth Ranch has been helping young people find their way to brighter futures. For more than 60 years, we have made it our mission to help young Idahoans and their families create healthier, happier relationships and help them realize their past doesn't have to define their futures.
The faces you see here represent just a small number of people who found a way to overcome their pain and find their way to a promising future. 


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Meet Ivy

After she left Idaho Youth Ranch, she went on to strengthen the safety net for Idaho's foster youth!

meet ivy
Ron Ashley

Meet Ron Ashley

In 1958, Ron was a vulnerable young boy whose life was heading down a dangerous path. With the love and support of Reverend Crowe and Ruby Carey Crowe, Ron went on to be a successful businessman, father, husband, and community leader.

Idaho Youth Ranch Success Stories Meet Alyssa

Meet Alyssa

Alyssa felt broken after losing her dad to suicide. As a 21 year old wrestling with grief and trauma, she turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism. With therapy through Idaho Youth Ranch, Alyssa was able to process her trauma and grief.

Idaho Youth Ranch Success Stories Meet Nicole

Meet Nicole

Nicole was born addicted to meth, and went into foster care as a result of her parents drug use. After finding her way to Hays House and participating in Equine Therapy, Nicole began to find her path forward.

Idaho Youth Ranch Success Stories Meet Lauren

Meet Lauren

Lauren turned to drug use and destructive behaviors after sexual assault and repeated trauma. Once she arrived at Hays House, Lauren began her path to finding hope and resilience. 

Idaho Youth Success Stories Meet Abby and Nanette

Meet Abby & Nanette

Abby avoided her grief after losing her father to suicide. Stuck in denial and struggling with the loss, Abby reached out for help. Idaho Youth Ranch was able to provide the therapy Abby needed to heal.

Idaho Youth Success Stories Meet Chelsi

Meet Chelsi

Chelsi had ended up in juvenile detention after turning to drugs and destructive behaviors to cope with her addicted and abusive parents. Idaho Youth Ranch empowered Chelsi to change her future. 

Idaho Youth Ranch Success Stories Meet Theresa and Cara

Meet Theresa & Cara

Theresa had tried for four years to have a child, undergoing many fertility treatments. Once deciding to adopt, Theresa reached out to Idaho Youth Ranch, who helped facilitate the adoption of baby Cara.

Idaho Youth Ranch Success Stories Meet Dominic

Meet Dominic

Dominic found himself at a crossroads after being arrested for drug use and losing his football scholarship. Dominic found the YOUTHWORKS! Program to help  get his future back on track.

Idaho Youth Success Stories Meet Mary and Jane

Meet Mary & Jane

Mary leaned on Hays House as a safe place for her children after escaping her abusive spouse. Idaho Youth Ranch was able to support, hope, and healing for Mary and her children.

Idaho Youth Ranch has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for its outpatient counseling & therapy centers – including equine therapy, Hays House youth shelter, and adoptions program.

Accreditation by demonstrating continuous compliance with its performance standards. The Gold Seal is a symbol of quality that reflects a health care organization’s commitment to providing safe and quality patient care.

The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval

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Since 1953, Idaho Youth Ranch has been a beacon of hope for struggling kids and their families. Many know our name, but few understand the wide variety of ways we serve young people.

Our approach is designed to meet young people where they are to nurture hope, healing, and resilience. Click an option to learn more.