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Rebecca Musser, nationally renowned speaker, human rights advocate, and best- selling author, visited Hays Shelter Home last Monday to talk with girls from our Hays and Ranch Campus programs.

She presented “Red Flags for Girls,” a program designed to help young women set healthy boundaries and learn to recognize and avoid self-destructive choices, bullying, and abuse – lessons Rebecca learned the hard way.

While still a teenager, Rebecca was forced into a polygamous marriage in an extremist religious cult.  She managed to escape, and became a victim advocate and key witness in the Warren Jeffs case that resulted in criminal convictions for the sect leaders, and captured the story in her memoir The Witness Wore Red. Since then Rebecca has made it her personal mission to give women and girls a voice and the skills to protect themselves, set boundaries, and be safe.

The Red Flags principles hit home, but what resonated most with Idaho Youth Ranch girls was hearing Rebecca’s life story first-hand, and the chance to meet a real person, someone like them, who has “been there” and triumphed over trauma.

“Believe in the possible,” says Rebecca on her website. “You may not have all the answers to your predicament, but you DO have the ability to rise above it. Regardless of the situation you are in, you can find a productive way out.”

Learn more about Rebecca Musser, her work, and her book On Facebook.

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