Middleton Kids Week Helps Kids Help Other Kids

Posted by Idaho Youth Ranch on Oct 1, 2015 12:00:00 AM
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Middleton Kids Week Helps Kids Help Other Kids

When we opened our new IYR thrift store in Middleton in June 2013, we launched an annual community support program called “Middleton Kids Week.” Every day during the third week in June, the Idaho Youth Ranch Middleton store donates 20% of that day’s sales to a different local youth organization.

This year, one of the Middleton Kids Week recipients was the Clover Quest 4-H Club, who not only used the money to pay for their own project materials, they also turned around and shared it with other community kids.

In their lovely handwritten thank-you note to IYR (see below), they wrote, “This year we gave money to a 4-H family with 5 kids when their 12-year-old daughter suffered a horse-accident-induced brain injury.”

“This is a good example of IYR being a catalyst for positive change for a wide community of Idaho’s young people, not just those we help in our therapeutic and educational programs,” said IYR CEO Steve Woodworth. “That’s an important aspect of our vision to help create promising futures for Idaho youth.”

The Clover Quest 4-H Club, along with the Middleton Public Library, Destined to Be a Kid 4-H, Yarrow 4-H, and the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, were all beneficiaries of Middleton Kids Week 2015, which raised a total of $1,192 from June 15-19.

During Middleton Kids Week 2014, a total of $1,280 was raised for the Middleton Library, the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, Clover Quest 4-H, Yarrow 4-H, Middleton Optimist Club, and Destined to Be a Kid 4-H.

The inaugural Middleton Kids Week in 2013 took place during our then-new store’s grand opening month and raised a total of $2,194 for the Middleton Community Center, Greater Middleton Parks & Recreation, Middleton Lions Club, Middleton American Legion, Middleton Public Schools Booster Club, Middleton Optimist Club, and the Middleton Public Library.

Thanks so much to our loyal Middleton customers and IYR supporters for making us their favorite thrift store and for making Middleton Kids Week a big success for the community!

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