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Posted by Idaho Youth Ranch on Jan 15, 2021 3:23:29 PM
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Joseph was only thirteen years old when he faced unimaginable trauma.

His stepfather began sexually abusing his younger brother and sister. Unfortunately for Joseph, that was just the beginning.

When the abuse came out, Joseph’s mother reported to authorities that he, Joseph, was the abuser. Shocked and horrified, Joseph didn’t know what to do. Joseph’s younger brother refused to admit that Joseph had ever hurt them in any way, but his younger sister, in elementary school at the time, did as she was told and said that it was Joseph who had abused her.

“I have not spoken to my mom in fourteen years because she falsely accused me of sexual assault and put me in jail.”

After completing a sentence in juvenile detention, Joseph was a violent, angry young man. The world had painted him as a bad kid, and he believed that it would always see him that way.

Fortunately, the incredible donors who make Idaho Youth Ranch programs possible believe that every kid deserves a second chance and has a right to their own potential.

Because Joseph was so young, a juvenile judge recommended Idaho Youth Ranch therapy, so in 2001, Joseph came to live at Idaho Youth Ranch.

“They had a regular schedule with chores and discipline, along with school work and therapy. I even had time for prayer.”

After over a year enrolled in Idaho Youth Ranch programs, Joseph graduated with honors.

“Idaho Youth Ranch saved me,” said Joseph.

Today, Joseph is a proud member of the U.S. military and lives in Minnesota. He came across old Idaho Youth Ranch photos just before Christmas and said he just had to call us to tell us what a great life of success he has had because of Idaho Youth Ranch.

“I just had to call and tell you all how successful my life has been ever since I came to Idaho Youth Ranch and how great I’m doing. I have two beautiful girls and a beautiful wife.”

Despite the terrible trauma of his mother’s false accusation, he has finally come to a place where he can forgive her. After over fourteen years of silence between the two, Joseph spoke to his mom recently and she apologized for what she did. She acknowledged that it was wrong and how much damage she caused her son.

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