“When contemplating one of the biggest decisions of our lives of whether or not to proceed with the adoption process, it was Idaho Youth Ranch that provided the knowledge, professionalism, and understanding we needed to ease our fears and anxieties.

Their classes, prerequisite readings, and caring staff answered our questions and guided us through the process. The result for us was a far better understanding of future expectations and best outcomes for all involved parties. In an instant and before we knew it, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl! 

We couldn’t be happier with the caring support provided by our caseworker at Idaho Youth Ranch, not only at that particular surreal moment, but throughout the entire process.

Working with the Idaho Youth Ranch was a fantastic experience. They helped us put our life on paper and they were always there to cheer us on and remind us that it’s not if, but when. We interviewed several agencies prior to choosing Idaho Youth Ranch and felt most confident in their ability.

They made us feel comfortable with the process by giving us one-on-one time. They explained the entire adoption process and helped us understand what it would take to get through the process. The Idaho Youth Ranch Adoptions staff truly had everyone’s best interest at heart.”

We were skeptical about being able to adopt a baby who shared our same culture and heritage. I called Idaho Youth Ranch Adoptions program because I heard a lot of good things about them. I had fears about domestic adoption and the reality of being able to adopt a healthy, Hispanic baby. But 30 days later, I was holding this bright, healthy Hispanic baby at the hospital and thinking what a blessing it is to be with my son and bond with him from the very beginning! Because it happened so quickly, I was very grateful that the staff prepared my husband and I for the adoptions process.

They helped us with expectations, and prepared us for legal matters and court dates. I had a lot of anxiety before the adoption was final, but the Idaho Youth Ranch adoptions staff counseled and supported me throughout the process. They changed my way of thinking and now I consider myself an advocate for adoption.”

“We had a very positive experience with an open adoption with our first child when living in another state. When we decided to adopt another child, we were concerned that we wouldn’t have as good of an experience with a different agency.

We chose to adopt our second child through Idaho Youth Ranch, and found that our highest expectations were easily exceeded. The guidance and counseling we received as adoptive parents, and the counseling the birth mother received was wonderful, which made the process go smoothly.

We think Idaho Youth Ranch should be a model for how a well-run adoption agency can attend to the needs of both the birth and adoptive families.”

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