In the field of adoptions, the term “special needs” generally refers to children and teens— the majority of whom are 6-18 years old— who have faced some degree of psychological, behavioral, developmental, or medical problems which are associated with biological or environmental causes. These individuals might be medically fragile infants, or perhaps older children who have experienced severe abuse or neglect; they may have a family history or mental illness or be otherwise affected by their parent’s substance abuse.

In cases such as these, most foster children who cannot be reunited with their birth parents are adopted by their foster parents. However, for those who have not been adopted by foster parents, it is still possible for you to adopt them out of the child welfare system.

Adopt a Special Needs Child

To be considered a prospective parent for a child with special needs, you must first have an approved adoption home study, as this report clearly outlines the general characteristics of children who you are best suited to adopt.

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