Idaho Youth Ranch works with birth parents and adoptive parents to provide loving and stable homes through the miracle of adoption. Since we began our adoption services in 1983, our experienced staff has always ensured that the needs of the child are the primary consideration in planning an adoption.

Requirements for parents applying to the infant adoption program:

  1. If married, must have been married for at least two years
  2. Must not already have more than one child at home
  3. Must have a medical reason for not having children
  4. Must be able to financially afford the cost of adoption
  5. Must have medical insurance which will cover the child after adoption
  6. Must complete adoption preparation classes

Note: Some priority will be given to Idaho residents.

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Additional information regarding legal processes, openness in adoption, and other important factors is generally relayed through our educational home study process.

To contact an Idaho Youth Ranch Adoptions Specialist:

Call (208) 667-1898 (daytime)

(208) 818-6124 (after hours)


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