What is Family Therapy?

Family Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that involves some or all members of a nuclear or extended family. A clinician conducts multiple sessions to help families deal with important issues that may interfere with the functioning of the family and the home environment.

Family therapy sessions vary in length up to 60 minutes.

The goals of family therapy are unique to each family and circumstance, and are often designed to help family members improve connection and communication, solve family problems, understand and handle special family circumstances (for example, death, serious physical or mental illness, or child and adolescent issues), and create a better functioning home environment.

For families with one member who has a serious physical or mental illness, family therapy can educate families about the illness and work out problems associated with the care of the family member.

How Idaho Youth Ranch Can Help

The Idaho Youth Ranch is the only organization in the state to offer a nationally recognized counseling program called Functional Family Therapy (FFT), designed specifically to help at-risk youth and their families. The services are flexible and can be tailored to fit each family’s unique needs through in-home visits or office visits.

IYR’s Family Counseling program is available in northern Idaho (Coeur d’Alene) and southwest Idaho (Boise). The program includes a broad range of services to help the families of kids in our residential programs, both during treatment and to help reintegrate kids back into their communities and home life after leaving the program. What’s more, Family Counseling can be a critical first step in facing and resolving family struggles early on, preventing any need for out-of-home placement.

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