You can tell when a kid is in trouble. You may not know why, but the behaviors – aggression, withdrawal, self-harm or destructive behaviors – all point to a young person in pain.  What we often can’t see are the reasons why.  Traumatic events, known as Adverse Childhood Experiences ACES have profound effects on children including feelings of intense fear, terror, and helplessness.  Repeated exposure to these traumas can interrupt normal physical and mental development and can even change the brain’s architecture.


ACEs have been linked to numerous negative lifelong outcomes including alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, suicide, poor physical health, and obesity. There is also evidence that kids with ACEs are more likely to struggle in school and have emotional and behavioral challenges.  Unfortunately, Idaho is one of the highest states for prevalence of kids with multiple ACES’s.

Trauma can happen in many ways:

ACES 1-1

For a young person, these traumatic experiences are transforming. The only question is how will it transform the life of a young person. Treatment makes a difference. At Idaho Youth Ranch, we help kids turn pain into strength – the strength of resilience, of fortitude, of confidence.  With our help kids turn away from their vision of despair and begin to imagine a new future.  Treating trauma transforms angry, scared young people into resilient and capable adults.