Who do you work with? What kinds of kids do you serve?

We provide help for at-risk kids who need it now, no matter what kind of challenges they’re up against. For kids ages 9-24 who may be neglected, abused, homeless, abandoned, or struggling with family conflict, or behavioral issues-- Idaho Youth Ranch is here. Our services for kids include safe shelter, mentoring, individual and group counseling, behavioral therapy, adoption services, job training, parent education, family therapy, and more.

If I refer someone to you or come to you for help myself, will it stay confidential?

We respect the confidentiality of the people we serve, but we always involve parents in decisions regarding their children.

What makes the Idaho Youth Ranch different from other charities, especially those that also operate thrift stores?

  • We are a uniquely Idaho institution that works with kids at risk, giving them the tools and support they need to turn their lives around.
  • Idaho Youth Ranch is there for our kids for the long haul, sticking with them until they get there--and even after they're discharged from our programs--instead of offering only limited-time assistance.
  • We make our services available to any Idaho kid who needs us, including those eligible for Medicaid in the Treasure Valley.
  • Because we are not a government or for-profit organization, we have the flexibility to intervene early enough and for as long as it takes to help kids on a dangerous path keep from getting into serious trouble.
  • Thanks to our donors and our thrift stores we're able to offer our graduates scholarships to college or vocational schools, store discounts, financial assistance, and more.