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Low self-esteem can impact all areas of your life, including your physical health, relationships, grades, and mental health. But self-esteem isn’t set in stone, meaning you can take actionable steps to improve your feelings about yourself. Here are some tips to try.

Challenge Negative Thinking

We often jump to negative thoughts when a particular situation happens. For example, if a friend doesn’t text you back immediately, you might assume it’s because they don’t like you. But that doesn’t make this thought the truth.

Instead of taking these thoughts at face value, try to reframe the situation by identifying different possible outcomes. Maybe your friend is busy that day. Maybe they left their phone at home. Or even if they might be mad at you, it doesn’t mean you can’t work it out.

Challenging negative thinking ideally allows you to consider more realistic ways of perceiving various situations. Over time, this can help you feel more empowered and confident.

Practice More Self-Compassion

Do you treat yourself like your own best friend? Probably not, but why not? After all, the most important relationship you have in this life is the one you share with yourself!

Harnessing authentic self-compassion means honoring your inherent worth. It means you recognize your needs and set boundaries around them. It also entails being kind to yourself. For example, instead of telling yourself, I’m so dumb for doing that, you might say, That was a mistake, but I am going to do ___ next time. I am only human!

Engage in Meaningful Activities

People with high self-esteem build lives that feel special and exciting. They make time for themselves and honor their needs for fun, leisure, and goal setting.

Don’t just participate in activities that look or sound good on paper. Instead, spend your free time in ways that bring you a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

These activities may include sports, pursuing creative expression, or volunteering. If you aren’t sure which activities you like best, prioritize trying different ones! You may surprise yourself with what you discover you really like.

Remember that the goal for participating shouldn’t just be about accomplishing something. Instead, the goal should be to feel rejuvenated or inspired.

Take Care of Your Physical Health

The mind and body are interconnected, and it’s essential to prioritize your body’s needs for nourishment and physical activity. Start by taking baby steps, such as:

  • Eating a well-balanced, nutritious diet.
  • Engaging in routine exercise that you enjoy.
  • Following a consistent sleep schedule.
  • Attending all doctor appointments and taking any medications as prescribed.
  • Practicing stress management techniques regularly.

Speak to a Professional

Low self-esteem can be a key symptom in mental health issues like depression or anxiety. Unfortunately, it can also trigger negative patterns, such as substance use, self-harm, or disordered eating.

A therapist can work with you to explore the root causes of your low self-esteem. Regardless of your circumstances, they can also teach you practical skills to help you feel better. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!



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