Idaho Youth Ranch Our Mission: We unite for Idaho’s youth by providing accessible programs and services that nurture hope, healing, and resilience.

What Are ACEs, and How Are They Affecting Your Kids?

Posted  by  Idaho Youth Ranch on Jul 2, 2020 5:32:08 PM


In 1953, Reverend James Crowe had a vision for a place where “wayward” young people could find a “reorientation of self.” His vision was a working ranch where young men (we expanded to include girls in the ’70s) would get the guidance and support they needed to find a path to a promising future. That’s when Idaho Youth Ranch was born.

SUCCESS STORY - How Equine Therapy Healed a Broken Spirit

Posted  by  Idaho Youth Ranch on May 28, 2020 6:14:23 PM


A child’s mind is not equipped to deal with the stress of adult burdens. When young people experience toxic stress and trauma, their brains struggle to reconcile their world with how they perceive their friends’ worlds. The weight of those heavy thoughts pulls on kids’ psyches and, often, they reach a singular conclusion: “I am bad. I deserve this. I am not worthy.”

Why I Give

Posted  by  Idaho Youth Ranch on May 22, 2020 3:12:18 PM


I support Idaho Youth Ranch because I believe that all people have a basic need to be encouraged and to feel loved.   Knowing that there are people who care and are willing to help can make all the difference.   We do this through parenting, teaching and mentoring.  We can also do this through giving of our resources to help the programs provided through Idaho Youth Ranch flourish and succeed.  This is such a difficult time in our world and I realized that by social distancing some of us have a little more disposable income, money that we are not spending on vacations, theater, restaurants, or whatever we had filled our lives with.