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The Protective Factors - Social Connections

Posted  by  Idaho Youth Ranch on Aug 21, 2020 11:42:52 AM


“The greatest human need aside from food, water, and shelter is relationships.” - Justin Hacking, Clinical Supervisor at Idaho Youth Ranch.

Let’s face it - we need one another to survive. But this goes much deeper than the constructs of community and society. We need others in our lives who care about us, who listen, and who we know we can turn to when we need someone to lean on.

What Is Emotional Regulation, and How Will It Help Your Child Succeed?

Posted  by  Idaho Youth Ranch on Jul 24, 2020 3:49:33 PM


We've all been there. You’re standing in the grocery store at the exact moment your child decides to have an emotional outburst because they're out of his favorite candy or she wants a particular type of cereal—or for no particular reason at all. We've all had those moments where our kids’ emotions become too much for us to handle and the embarrassment and frustration and overwhelming swell of our own emotions lead us to have rough days as parents.

Shake Loose A Little Bit

Posted  by  Idaho Youth Ranch on Jul 20, 2020 12:05:28 AM


Born outside Caldwell to two Idaho natives, Jane speaks fondly of a childhood that taught her the value of generosity, education, and hard work. She is the daughter of a farmer and a teacher who strongly believed in making sure that Jane and her three sisters received an education.