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Treatment Paths : YOUTHWORKS!

Find a job. Get the job. Keep the job.

For Idaho young adults looking for work experience and a career head start. Ages 16 to 22.

How many times have you heard, “To get a job, you need experience.” But then to get experience, you need a job first, right? YOUTHWORKS! ends the catch-22. It's  designed to launch young adults ages 16-24 on a promising career track with workshop learning, on-the-job training and expert mentoring.

Our FREE community workshops (see the links on the right or the bottom of this page) will give you the tools and skills to find and apply for jobs, shine at interviews, get hired and stay hired, and manage the money you're making. It all adds up to job success—and a promising future.

Stay tuned for upcoming workshops in the months ahead on how to keep your job and how to manage what you earn.

To save your space just click on the dates of the workshops you want to attend, and be sure to include your name and contact information.

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