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Treatment Paths : Treasure Valley Youth & Family Therapy

Across our facilities in the Treasure Valley, the Idaho Youth Ranch provides Idaho’s at risk youth with the most comprehensive and effective therapy to put them back on a path to a promising future.  

Blending three proven results based therapies; Functional Family Therapy, EAGALA – Equine Therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy the Idaho Youth Ranch provides a proven treatment model unavailable anywhere else in Idaho.

As the only certified provider in Idaho of Functional Family Therapy (FFT), which is family-based treatment program which is successful in treating a wide range of problems affecting youth.   For some families, the pre-teen and teen years bring a tough set of challenges, like serious school problems and family problems, substance abuse, behavioral issues, and in some cases interactions with the criminal justice system.  Using Functional Family Therapy, trained therapists work with youth and their families to address these issues and improve their relationships.  FFT services are evidence-based, which means that studies have proven them effective in reaching and engaging challenging families with complex problems.  The goal of FFT is not create “healthy” or “normal” families according to someone’s theory or idea, but to achieve changes that will help this family function in more adaptive, acceptable, productive ways with their resources and their values in their home.

Animal Assisted Therapy has been core to the IYR model since our founding over 60 years ago.    At our Ranch Campus outside of Middleton, Idaho Youth Ranch therapists trained in the EGALA model of Equine Therapy are able to bring to Idaho youth and families both standalone equine therapy as well as equine therapy integrated into our FFT and DBT treatment models.  EAGALA uses a team approach – An EAGALA trained Equine Specialist, a IYR therapist, and our horses work together with our youth. Through equine therapy youth learn about themselves and others by participating in activities with the horses, and then processing (or discussing) feelings, behaviors, and patterns.  EGALA Equine Therapy is a powerful and effective therapeutic approach that has an incredible impact on individuals, youth, and families.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is comprehensive behavioral treatments model that focuses on problem solving and acceptance-based strategies within a framework of dialectical methods.  DBT provides impressive results for a wide variety of struggling youth with an equally impressive name.  Dialectic simply means “a method of examining and discussing opposing ideas in order to find the truth.  For example, to have success it is necessary to accept who you are today while acknowledging that you need to change in order to reach your goals.   DBT is a skills based treatment model focused on changing behaviors that: cause self-harm, interfere with therapy, are a roadblock to a promising future, and need to be replaced with new skillful behaviors to enable them to reach their goals.

Certified EAGALA therapists, the only certified Functional Family Therapy provider in Idaho,  trained DBT therapeutic program which we expect to be one of the first certified programs in the state,  combined with over 60 years of treatment experience allows us to provide the right therapies to lead to the changes your child and family are seeking.   Thanks to our supporters, the Idaho Youth Ranch is able to provide a highly successful integrated model available only at Idaho Youth Ranch.  Every young person deserves the best treatment we can provide and we provide it to everyone regardless of their ability to pay.

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