Robert Rebholtz, Jr. and Mark Miller

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Robert Rebholtz, Jr., CEO of Agri Beef, and Mark Miller, CEO of Miller Family Holdings —co-chairs of the Idaho Youth Ranch Capital Campaign to Bring Idaho's Kids Home —have been honored by being named 2021 Philanthropist of the Year by the Idaho Nonprofit Center. 

Mr. Rebholtz and Mr. Miller joined the Idaho Youth Ranch as volunteers and lead Capital Campaign Cabinet to build the Idaho Youth Ranch Residential Center for Healing & Resilience in June 2020. The Cabinet proceeded to raise over $18M by March 2021, which was enough to break ground in May. 

Rebholtz and Miller personally led tours of the Idaho Youth Ranch Hands of Promise campus where the new Residential Center is being built and stewarded major donors throughout Idaho to join the campaign to Bring Idaho's Kids Home. 

The Idaho Youth Ranch Residential Center for Healing & Resilience will be a 64-bed, long-term residential facility for Idaho's kids. Currently, there are over 120 Idaho kids on Medicaid who are living in out-of-state facilities because there is nowhere in Idaho for them to go.

Mr. Rebholtz said, "Idahoans need to come together to bring these kids home. Join me in finishing this project so that Idaho’s kids never have to find safety where they can’t see our mountains or enjoy all the things that make Idaho great."

These are kids who have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences such as loss, abuse, neglect, violence, or separation from their parents — who need intensive resources to help them heal from their traumas and move forward in their lives with resilience. 

"This is an Idaho problem and it needs an Idaho solution," said Mr. Miller during the groundbreaking ceremony on May 13th, 2021. 

Idaho Youth Ranch has worked with vulnerable kids throughout the state since 1953 and offers a statewide network of resources including TeleMental Health, Adoption Services, Career Readiness, outpatient therapies for individuals and families, and Equine Therapy. 

Thanks to the incredible work of the Capital Campaign Cabinet, which included the following statewide leaders, the Idaho Youth Ranch Residential Center for Healing & Resilience is set to open in spring 2023. As of November 2021, the campaign has raised over 93% of the $27.7M needed to build the new facility. 

Thank you to our Capital Campaign Cabinet: 

Rob & Beth Rebholtz

Campaign Co-Chairs, Boise


Mark & Jen Miller

Campaign Co-Chairs, Boise


Cliff & Donna Findlay

Honorary Campaign Co-Chairs, CDA


Jim Eckhardt

Honorary Campaign Co-Chair, Weiser


Bill & Bernie Daniels

Honorary Campaign Co-Chairs, Boise

Andy Scoggin



Denise (Dee Dee) Smith



John Grizzaffi



Josh & Samantha Tyree



Leroy Custer



Todd Cranney



Peter & Julie Oliver



Tommy Ahlquist



Brian Scott

Capital Campaign Advisor, Boise




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