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Dominic’s life was on the wrong path and his future looked anything but promising. Losing his scholarship to college and getting in trouble with the law eventually led to unemployment and drug abuse.  He had given up hope of ever achieving his goals.

But someone else in his life hadn’t. When his mother heard about >YOUTHWORKS!, she encouraged Dominic to apply. She felt the program would give him the help he needed to turn his life around.  Dominic did apply but only grudgingly, without much faith in whether it would work.  That changed, though, once he got really dove in and engaged.

Within one week of starting the program, Dominic found value in its lessons. Dominic said, "This session has helped me to see my day in a different way. I was bored at work today, but knowing what we learned today helps me go in tomorrow with a more positive attitude."

Dominic also benefitted from the mentorship part of YOUTHWORKS!  He felt encouraged and supported by his mentor. "Every time I get together with my mentor, I always leave feeling great…way better than before I met with her, “he said. “I'm pretty sure we'll stay in touch even after YOUTHWORKS! is over."

For his work placement during Phase 2 of the program, he was interested in working at the downtown Boise YMCA.  Chances seemed slim due to his criminal past and the Y’s hiring policy. However, with support from Jim Everett, CEO of the Treasure Valley Family Y, Dominic was able to start working in a position he was passionate about.

After his first day he said, "I found what I'm going to do for the rest of my life."  He loved working with children and demonstrated a talent for engaging them. It wasn’t long before the Y staff realized his potential and upon his graduation from the program, Dominic was hired on as a full-time employee.

During his YOUTHWORKS! placement, Dominic noticed that his fellow employees at the Y all had at least a four-year degree and many had graduate degrees. That’s why Dominic now plans to attend college, to support his long-term career goals and a bright future with the organization.

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