While we employ a variety of therapies and techniques that reflect both our own experience and the latest research, they can be summed in the following three ways:


Skill-based programs that help kids and families learn and use tools such as mindfulness, emotional control, coping mechanisms and positive reinforcement.


Youth- and family-based programs that help disconnected families build trust, develop respect and improve communications.


Animal-based or activity-based programs that develop emotional strength, resilience, and fortitude even as kids and teens use their own experiences to heal, learn and grow.

Drawing on this multitude of options, we can meet each child where they are, supporting them in the way best suited to their situation. We meet each family where it is, knowing that changing the environment a child returns to will increase their chances of success. We know we have succeeded when a young person is able to manage the challenges of school, and eventually get and keep a job.

How We Are Different

By offering a comprehensive continuum of care – from parenting classes to intensive residential therapeutic programs, we help hurting kids and families heal. There are several qualities that make Idaho Youth Ranch stand out from other youth-serving programs.