April 14, 2020                                          

Social Distancing Guidelines for IYR Employees & Worksites

As our employees return to work, we want to keep them safe. A key part of this effort is maintaining social distancing as described in the Governor’s order and recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These guidelines are in effect until further notice and apply in all IYR work-places or other worksites to which IYR employees are assigned. We may amend these guidelines as new information becomes available or as directed by governmental or health authorities. All supervisors - please post this message and personally share it with your staff who don’t have a personal work email. 

Personal Distance: 

  • IYR employees will maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from all other individuals at all times and avoid any physical contact.
  • Supervisors will ensure staff workspaces are organized to provide required physical separation.
  • Employees will not congregate in workrooms, break rooms, conference rooms, or other areas where people tend to gather or socialize.
  • Common or break areas should be physically spaced so individuals can maintain 6 feet separation from others at all times.
    • Use should be staggered to minimize congestion.
    • Common surfaces must be disinfected by user before and after use.


  • In addition to social distancing, all IYR employees must wear masks in their worksite whenever working in the same room or in the vicinity of others.
  • Employees may remove their masks when working in an individual office with no other persons present.


  • Meetings will be conducted virtually whenever possible.
  • Only essential meetings that cannot be held virtually may include in-person attendees. Those meetings must be held in well-ventilated areas that are set up in advance to ensure at least 6 feet separation between participants at all times and groups must not exceed 10 persons.
  • All common surfaces (such as tables, chair arms, and light switches) must be disinfected before and after the meeting.
  • The door to the meeting room should be propped open to avoid individuals touching doorknobs.
  • The meeting organizer/facilitator or their designee must ensure these steps are completed.

Personal Behavior & Hygiene:

  • Be conscientious - individual behaviors matter! Pay close attention to preventive measures. There are other people who are vulnerable and stand to lose much more than you do if they get sick. Look out for them and help make sure everyone adopts these basic measures.
  • Stay home! If you experience symptoms of illness protect others and stay at home.
  • Wash your hands! Regularly wash your hands for 20 seconds, scrubbing as soon as possible if you sneeze or cough into them. Scrub with soap and hot water, if available.
  • Use hand sanitizer! Use it often and particularly when hand-washing is not available. Make sure it’s alcohol-based (at least 60%).
  • Avoid touching your face - This is an effective preventive measure, but hard to do.
  • Using bathrooms - Avoid touching the fixtures as much as possible and use a paper towel to touch the door handle when exiting if the door is not propped open.
  • Disinfect common surfaces - You can prevent exposure by disinfecting commonly touched surfaces in your home and work area like countertops, remote controls, keyboards, and refrigerator handles.
  • Clean your phone! This may be the surface you touch the most. The CDC recommends cleaning your phone daily.