Revised Masking and Physical Distancing Requirements for Programs Locations

May 20, 2021

IYR Teammates:

You may have seen that IYR recently communicated a revised mask and physical distancing protocol for fully vaccinated employees “outside of programs”. Programs was carved-out because the recent CDC guidance, on which IYR’s new protocol was based, does not apply within healthcare settings and we consider all Programs locations to be “healthcare settings.”

We are pleased to report the CDC has issued specific guidance for fully vaccinated employees in healthcare settings that we are implementing in all of our Programs as follows:

  • IYR Programs staff should continue to wear masks when at work, subject to the below.
  • Fully vaccinated staff (once cleared by HR) can meet in private areas like offices and meeting rooms without masks or physical distancing.
  • If unvaccinated staff are present, everyone should wear masks and unvaccinated staff should maintain physical distance.

“Fully vaccinated” means it has been 14 days or more since the final dose of the COVID vaccine (either second shot of 2-dose vaccine or single dose). “Unvaccinated” means anyone who is not fully vaccinated.

If you are fully vaccinated and wish to take advantage of this opportunity here are the instructions to get cleared by HR:

  1. Submit a completed Application and copy of your vaccine card to You can access the Application by clicking here.
  2. Wait for a response back from HR confirming your clearance or identifying any issues with your application (should be within 24 hours (M-F); send follow-up email if you don’t receive a reply).

Please note this is an optional program; no one should feel pressure to get vaccinated or participate in this option. Supervisors will receive a list of their ‘cleared’ staff every Friday. Coordinate with your supervisor to determine who has been cleared within your team; this may help with planning.

If you have any questions, please speak with your Supervisor or ask HR.

Got A Question, Ask HR