Providing continued support for families when kids return home.

Will I be strong enough to stay clean? Will I be able to talk to my parents? I have changed, but have they? These are all tough questions our kids have to face when it is time to go home. Parents are also afraid when their children return. Did this work? How long will the change last? Can we keep this up?

Imagine a parent who sends their teenage son to us because he yells at them, punches walls, and curses at them. For parents calling for help was the hardest thing they’ve ever done, it is natural to fear to return to the situation as it was before they called.

To help prevent families from relapsing to old habits, specialized reintegration therapists work with kids and their families for 6 months following graduation from a program. Our reintegration specialists work to help families communicate in a healthy way and uncover the causes of friction between members. This is a vital step in treating “the whole person” and not just one aspect of their behavior.

Without this essential step it would be very easy for most of our graduates to go back to old habits and lose sight of the progress they made while at the ranch.