Life on the ranch.

For Idaho kids in confusion, in crisis, in pain, or on dangerous ground. Ages 14 to 17.

 In 1953, Reverend James Crowe and his wife Ruby Carey Crowe had a dream of establishing a ranch where troubled kids could learn and grow. To this day, our namesake Ranch Campus still welcomes boys and girls from across the state for transformative residential treatment. Most stay about a year, participating in group and individual therapy and learning important life skills that help them turn the pain and despair of childhood trauma into hope for a promising future.

Living on the ranch is like living in a big family, with everyone working together. The program emphasizes core values, like the importance of education, teamwork, and individual responsibility.

Hearts and hooves.

Animals can make us better humans. And a growing body of research shows that animals are a tremendous therapeutic tool, strengthening cognitive, social and emotional functions. At the Ranch Campus, animal-assisted therapy is a critical part of our kids’ success. Our equine therapy and 4-H livestock programs double as recreational and therapeutic outlets for our kids.

The promise of a future.

Today, thousands of ranch alumni live productive, happy lives in Idaho and across the nation. They have successful families, businesses and careers. They are contributors to their communities. It’s a legacy we’re proud of.

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