With changes in tax laws in 2017, many Americans are left wondering how they can reach their philanthropic goals without compromising their tax benefits. There are several options that will help you do both. 

What will your legacy be?

Planned gifts--whether through a will or estate, appreciated stock or securities, a retirement plan, cash, life insurance, or other personal property--help ensure that the Idaho Youth Ranch will be able to carry on the legacy of hope and healing for generations of children to come.

Planned giving refers to the many ways you can make a charitable bequest in your estate plan. Planned gifts help you achieve your charitable goals, may provide you tangible income during your lifetime, and can reduce the amount of your federal estate tax. Many types of assets can be used for a planned gift, including but not limited to the examples below.

A Timeless Gift

Idaho Youth Ranch board director David Murray and his wife Kerrie have helped fund promising futures for generations of Idaho kids to come, by including IYR in their estate plans. 

"Kerrie and I consider Idaho Youth Ranch to be one of the best, most productive nonprofit organizations in existence. We know they share our vision for helping undeserved children. Several years ago, we stopped our busy lives long enough to begin thinking about the kind of legacy we want to leave. What will happen when I no longer have the privilege of sitting on the board or cannot make regular contributions? This is when we decided to complete the circle, by including Idaho Youth Ranch in our will."

Planned Giving Benefits and Options

Charitable Bequests

One of the simplest, most powerful ways to ensure promising futures for Idaho children is to include a gift in your will, also known as a charitable bequest. Such a gift will not only help at-risk kids, it also lets you continue enjoying and using your assets (home, stocks, IRA, for example) for the duration of your life.

A charitable bequest is flexible. You can give as much or as little as you choose with no impact on your lifestyle. You can make a gift today by including a provision in your will and retain the option of changing your mind at any future time.

In Loving Memory - Tribute and Memorial Gifts

Making a donation to the Idaho Youth Ranch in memory of someone departed and dear is a beautiful way to celebrate their life. Your memorial gift is more than a meaningful tribute to your loved one (or the loved one of someone close to you), it also provides hope and healing for Idaho’s most vulnerable children and families in that person’s name. We’ll acknowledge your gift with a letter of receipt for your tax records, as well as a card to whomever you designate, to let them know the gift has been made in their loved one’s honor.

Donating Stocks or Securities

Whether it’s milk or frozen food, almost everything we buy these days is stamped with “use by” or “best by” dates. Many stocks have a shelf-life, too, and the end of the year is a great time to take inventory of what to save and what to refresh in your portfolio.

Have you considered making a gift of stocks to Idaho Youth Ranch? Doing so by year’s end could potentially result in a federal income tax deduction and an Idaho state tax credit. You won’t have to pay capital gains on the transfer, and you will help Idaho’s kids with a gift equal to the full value of the stock.

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