Parenting Classes 

We offer 2 different programs for parents: 
  • Loving Solutions is designed as a form of early intervention for parents of strong-willed children younger than 12 years old. Learn more about our Loving Solutions parenting class.
  • Changing Destructive Behaviors in Adolescents is a course for parents of kids as young as 12 but can be beneficial for parents of teenagers through young adults. Learn more about our Changing Destructive Behaviors in Adolescents parenting class. 

    While the content in each course differs, both are considered experiential, activity-based, and provide hands-on customized plans to help parents learn how to support their youth while managing their behavior issues impeding their success at home, at school and in the community.

    The structure of the group allows parents to share and support one another, practice your new skills, and share your successes and challenges with the guidance of a trained facilitator. Parents/caregivers will also learn attachment-based parenting strategies, which are crucial to establishing a trusting relationship. Learn to address behavior problems such as teens arguing with their parents. You can have a relationship where you never argue with your teen again. You will develop skills to manage conflict without compromise while building positive self-regard in your youth.