Pandemic-Related Meeting Guidelines & Social Distancing at Work

IYR Team:  One of the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) is that we all practice “social distancing” in our efforts to keep our staff and community as healthy as possible.  There are various descriptions of social distancing, and we based these guidelines on information from the Society of Human Resources Management.  These guidelines will be in effect through Sunday, April 19, and may be amended at any time as new information becomes available. All supervisors – please post this message and personally share it with any of your staff who do not have a personal work email. 

In General: 

  • We should each maintain a distance of at least 3 feet from others and avoid physical contact.
  • In the case of others who are showing symptoms of illness, increase that distance to 6 feet.
  • Do not congregate in work rooms, break rooms, or conference rooms, or other areas where people socialize.
  • Stagger your breaks to avoid overlap in common areas and clean those areas before and after using them. Allow for 3-foot separation from others.
  • Cancel all nonessential business travel.

In-Person Meetings: 

  • Small in-person meetings (3 people or fewer) should be avoided, whenever possible.
  • When meeting in person, meet in well-ventilated areas and maintain at least 3 feet separation from other participants.

Group Meetings:  

  • Nonessential group (greater than 3 people) meetings, gatherings, or trainings (internal or external) should be cancelled. Look for alternative ways to meet and share information that do not require in-person presence.
  • Essential group (greater than 3 people) meetings, gatherings, or trainings may take place as long as the following conditions can be met:
    • Set up the room in advance to maintain 3 feet between all participants (standing meetings can be an effective way to do this).
    • Disinfect all common surfaces (such as tables and chair arms) before and after the meeting.
    • Have the door to the meeting room held open to avoid touching doorknobs.
    • The meeting organizer/facilitator or their designee is responsible to ensure these steps are completed.
  • Whether a meeting is deemed essential will be determined by the Executive Leadership Team.