Scott Curtis, CEO, Messages to Idaho Youth Ranch Team Members

June 11, 2020

IYR Team:

 On Saturday, June 13, we enter Stage 4 of the Governor’s Idaho Rebounds Plan for the reopening of businesses in the State. We have consistently followed CDC and state guidelines throughout the Pandemic, and we will continue to do so.  The attachment contains detailed information regarding what this means for IYR operations during Stage 4, scheduled to last from June 13-June 26. 

Please read the attachment thoroughly.  We all must stay informed and work together to make sure that we are all following these guidelines to protect ourselves and our work on behalf of our mission.  I’ve had teammates politely remind me to put my mask on or move to a six-foot distance, and I appreciate that! 

The key topics areas in the attachment include: 

Personal Hygiene Practices: Proper personal hygiene practices are the most important and effective way to prevent becoming sick or infecting someone else.

Social Distancing: Keep it up! 

Use of Masks: We still need them. 

Meetings:  We’ll start to have some in-person meetings, both internally as well as with donors and volunteers, so see the details. 

Food: see details

Other Protections: see details

Working from Homewelcome back!  See details

Travel:  see details

Every IYR staff member has played an important role in helping us through the process of keeping open or re-opening our operations while adhering to the CDC’s and the Governor’s guidelines. The focus and discipline each of you has demonstrated in protecting the health and safety of yourselves and others has allowed IYR to return in a strong position and nearly COVID-free. Thank you again for your support and effort. I know I can count on you as we move forward.

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