Finishing the Job: Healthy Home Environments

Having a struggling child is one of the most painful challenges any family can face. In order to give kids the greatest chance of success, there must be support for their families. Part of Idaho Youth Ranch’s commitment to our kids while they are at the ranch is to provide support for the family at home as well.

Family dynamics can be challenging in any circumstance, and when you have an emotionally charged situation there is an increased chance of conflict. The experts at Idaho Youth Ranch work with caregivers and siblings to help improve the situation at home.

Imagine a girl who has spent years desperately struggling with low self-esteem and debilitating anxiety. While receiving care from Idaho Youth Ranch, she learned to respect herself, better manage her anxiety, to find healthy ways to build her self-esteem. Meanwhile, her parents will learn how to reinforce positive behavior of their daughter and address negative behavior before it escalates. By the time she arrives home with a reintegration specialist, both she and her family will have learned new ways of communicating that will help heal together.

This is just one example of the ways we support Idaho's youths beyond our programs. Because we are dedicated to helping kids and families long-term, ensuring success at home is crucial to our approach. 

Providing support at home so families can heal and grow together.