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Getting Help For Your Child or Teenget help quotes1

There is nothing harder than watching a young person you love struggle. It can be hard to know why your once happy child or teen is now acting out or appears to be struggling. 

We help kids and families who are:  

  • Struggling with anxiety, depression, overly stressed, and displaying generalized unhappiness
  • Withdrawn or difficult to talk to
  • Engaging in self-harm or causing harm to others
  • Experiencing thoughts of suicide
  • Angry or acting out
  • Having difficulty expressing emotions
  • Being bullied
  • Experiencing symptoms related to trauma

Idaho Youth Ranch is committed to helping parents learn more about their options and find the best solution that works for their child and for their family. We offer best-in-class services to kids as young as 8 and up to 24 years old. Our expert clinicians offer treatment, including: 

Get Help Today

The longer you wait, the deeper the trauma. The deeper the trauma, the more difficult the healing process. We can help your child heal now. 

Get help for your child or teen now