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Fire FAQs

UPDATED 8.11.22

1. Are we still building the ranch?

Yes, we are moving full steam ahead. This is an incredibly important project that Idaho’s kids and families need. We have tremendous support from the community, and all aspects are moving forward. The fire did not impact this project.


2. What was the extent of the damage?

The external storage yard and covered overhang were all destroyed. We have lost all of the thrift store goods that were stored in the distribution center warehouse due to smoke damage. There was damage to the outside wall of the distribution center. As of now, we are hopeful that all of the buildings are structurally sound and will be able to be returned to service.


3. Who is able to work at the Nagel site?

We are not able to access any of the buildings on the campus including the development offices, the distribution center, the administrative offices, accounting the training center, and e-commerce.


4. When will we be back on site?

We are all anxious to get back onto the Nagel campus. At this point, our insurance provider is compiling the information to determine what repairs are needed and develop a plan to get back on site. As soon as we have a timeline, we will communicate that.

 Our first priority is to get the distribution center back up and running.


5. What is the plan for distro in the interim?

The community is being very generous and supportive. We have identified an alternative warehouse location to use for a temporary distribution center, thanks to our partners at Interfaith Sanctuary. Our distro team is fully back to work at that site.

Please note: we are not accepting donations at the temporary distribution center, but rather utilizing that space to sort, price and distribute goods to the retail stores.

6. Are Treasure Valley stores able to accept donations again? 

Yes, as of Sunday, August 7, retail stores are now accepting donations again, as the distro team is back at work.

7. What’s happening on campus now?

Our restoration vendor is on site. They managed the yard after the fire department was done, and are now removing the tons of debris. In addition, they are providing security. Our own drivers are hauling trash from the yard (from pre-fire) and distributing sorted product that was not impacted by the fire as well as other supplies to our retail stores. There is a lot of activity on site.

8. What are we going to do differently to prevent this from happening again?

We are exploring ways we might be able to configure the campus for enhanced safety and efficiency, so when we have the green light, we can move forward.

9. How has the fire impacted other projects?

Everything that was already in the works before the fire continues to move forward. There are some timelines that have shifted, but nothing major at this point. Staff are working extra hard with the additional work the fire has presented.

10. Is everyone still employed?

Yes, we have retained all of our staff and kept everyone employed and paid.

11. Do we know what caused the fire?

Due to the immense amount of water that was needed to douse the fire, the Boise Fire Department was unable to determine the exact cause. They classified the cause of fire as “undetermined.” They were able to rule out an intentional fire as well as several other potential causes.


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July 18, 2022 Warehouse Fire

On the afternoon of July 18, 2022, there was a fire at our Nagel campus in Boise in the IYR Outlet yard outside of the building. It spread very quickly.  The buildings were all evacuated immediately, and no serious injuries were reported. Emergency services arrived on the scene within minutes, and the campus was evacuated. Details are still unclear as to how the fire started.

What's next: 

We are working with a team of experts to determine the full extent of the damage, but it is clearly significant.  All leaders are working with their teams to ensure everyone is working to the best of their ability at home or in an alternative setting.

The community has shown tremendous support for Idaho Youth Ranch. Compassionate individuals, companies, organizations, and civic leaders have offered their support in a huge variety of ways – from doing fundraisers to ensure our services continue, to donating space where meetings can be held and operations can re-start, to providing nourishment for the soul and the body.

Our community treasures you and the work you do for the kids and families we serve.

How Does This Effect You: 


No programs were disrupted as a result of the fire. The Irving Street facility is not a site where youth and family programs are held.

Treasure Valley Thrift Stores: 

Area managers are guiding the thrift store managers regarding if and when to accept donations. The distribution center is unable to process anything at this time. We will update our website and online platforms to inform the public of our status for accepting donated goods. 

Northern Idaho, Magic Valley, and Eastern Idaho Thrift Stores: 

Please continue to operate as usual. 

Nagel Campus Employees (not including distribution): 

Those who have the ability to work remotely are doing so. Staff who are unable to work remotely are working with their supervisors to determine how they will can help us move forward, and are being paid their usual wages. 

Distro, Treasure Valley Outlet, and eCommerce Employees: 

Your safety is our first priority. The warehouse and eComm centers will be closed while the facilities are assessed and plans are created to get us back to full operations. You will continue to be paid your full pay. Please check with your supervisor for the most current updates.

Can I post on social media about this incident? 

At this time, Idaho Youth Ranch is responding publicly and through all media outlets including social media about this incident. Employees should not publicly comment or respond to the news posts as we will practice our value of transparency and share any information as it becomes available.

What should I do if members of the press contact me? 

If media or members of the press contact you for comment, please let them know you want to connect them with the person with the most current information. Please refer all media to

If you are struggling and need support... 

We understand that this event has been difficult or traumatic for many of our employees. We encourage you to reach out for help if you need it. All employees and their family members have access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which is free of charge and completely confidential. For access, go to this link: Idaho Youth Ranch Employee Assistance Program

If this link isn’t working for any reason, please reach out to your supervisor or contact human resources at We are here for you. 

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