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I support Idaho Youth Ranch because I believe that all people have a basic need to be encouraged and to feel loved.   Knowing that there are people who care and are willing to help can make all the difference.   We do this through parenting, teaching and mentoring.  We can also do this through giving of our resources to help the programs provided through Idaho Youth Ranch flourish and succeed.  This is such a difficult time in our world and I realized that by social distancing some of us have a little more disposable income, money that we are not spending on vacations, theater, restaurants, or whatever we had filled our lives with.

 It is so hard to love others unless you have known love yourself.  I believe that loving the youth of our state is the biggest gift that Idaho Youth Ranch can give as they help the parents and youth through their programs.

My three children are adopted and because of this I treasure the lives of all children.  My oldest son is a Pediatrician in Idaho and mentioned the importance of Idaho Youth Ranch and the wonderful job they do in providing resources for our youth.  Our family has always been involved with young people and during this critical time of Covid-19 I want to help Idaho Youth Ranch continue to bless, encourage and love Idaho’s youth.  These young people are our future and will forever live with the memories of how this pandemic has influenced them.  Lives are being changed by Covid-19 and it is a critical time for all of our young people.  I pray they will live their lives with the hope and nurturing to fulfill their dreams. 

-Rhea Hirsch

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Our Mission: We unite for Idaho’s youth by providing accessible programs and services that nurture hope, healing, and resilience.

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