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Everyone knows the teenage years can be chaotic and tumultuous. Adolescence represents a significant transition from childhood to adulthood, and the years can be rocky. 

If you’re suddenly dealing with an insecure teenager, you might be wondering why they’re struggling. Let’s review some of the common factors.

Feeling Rejected

During these years, peer support is vital: Your child wants to feel accepted and embraced by their friends. Bullying or any other semblance of rejection can wreak havoc on their self-esteem.

Struggling with Their Appearance

Bodies naturally change during adolescence. While some children may embrace these new developments, others feel ashamed, angry, or confused about what to do with them. Moreover, teenagers can be overly critical and even cruel when it comes to physical appearance. If your child feels like they don’t measure up to others, they may struggle with their confidence.

Problems in the Family 

Symptoms of low self-esteem can start at home. Even if your teenager craves excess independence, they still need boundaries, security, and structure. Family problems—including sickness, death, financial issues, and divorce—can impact your child’s self-esteem. 

Difficulties in School

Academic struggles or low grades can frustrate both teenagers and parents. Your child may feel like they aren’t good enough, which can trigger profound guilt and shame.


Depression alters how someone perceives themselves and others. If your child is depressed, they may feel worthless, guilty, or disproportionately responsible for other people’s actions. They may also find it challenging to connect with other people, which can perpetuate insecurity.

3 Tips for Talking to Your Teenage

Supporting Your Insecure Teenager

You can help your insecure teenager by remaining consistent, loving, and empathetic. Remember, these years aren’t easy. 

If your child is struggling—and if things appear to be worsening—you may want to reach out for professional guidance. Contact us today to learn more.

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