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Fun Fact: Hazen is our longest serving youth at the Idaho Youth Ranch

Idaho Youth Ranch welcomed Hazen a little over four years ago when he joined as a way to complete his service hours for school. “It was my first volunteering opportunity that I started towards the end of 8th grade.”
Hazen has spent many Saturdays helping at a local Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift store assisting staff with retail and customer service. “I’ve done a little bit of everything- but mostly bagging items at the front counter, tagging and restocking merchandise, and sorting donations.”

“My favorite memory volunteering is just being there, it’s one of the few opportunities that I have to interact with my community. I’m happy to help in any way that I can.”
Our thrift stores are an important piece to our organization, all proceeds from purchases help fund programs and services for Idaho’s most vulnerable kids. With the help of our volunteers our process from sorting donations to providing customer service makes a big difference.

“To be a volunteer means helping someone who needs the help, I’m helping a lot to people when I volunteer. I’m usually shy around strangers but lately I have found that I’m more comfortable interacting with customers and being more familiar with that their looking for.”

Thank you Hazen for your generous work in supporting Idaho Youth Ranch- we are proud to have you here!

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