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If you’re struggling and feeling socially withdrawn during this time, you’re not alone. Research suggests that children are experiencing heightened levels of depression and anxiety. It’s challenging to be away from your friends, especially if you aren’t back in school or participating in your typical extracurricular activities.

Schedule Regular Video Chats

Try to make it a point to set aside specific times each week to check in with certain friends. Scheduling these chats ahead of time makes you more likely to follow through with them. If you don’t like video chatting, you can talk to them on the phone.

Study with Friends Online

Organize a time when you can all meet together online to work on homework or study for upcoming tests. This meetup offers an excellent opportunity to get your work done while also staying connected.

Play Games Online Together

Whether it’s video games or board games, there are endless entertainment options available online. Additionally, many apps allow you to play online games with friends once you sync the game to your contact list.

Meet Outside and Follow Social Distancing Guidelines

If you, your friends, and your parents feel comfortable meeting in person, consider having a socially distanced walk or picnic. Make sure you wear masks and remain at least six feet apart. Follow all CDC and individual state guidelines.

Getting More Support

If you continue to feel disconnected, lonely, or scared, talking to a professional might help. At Idaho Youth Ranch, we support teenagers with their mental health. We are here for you during this time. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.