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The Rewards of Not Giving Up

Teenage drug abuse is a daunting obstacle to overcome. Getting to the other side takes personal courage along with solid support from the caring adults who intervene to help. That's why when a boy’s life goes from perilous to promising, it’s cause for celebration. Not only for him but also for family, friends, teachers, community, and for some boys, their probation officer.

Greg Orlando, Program Director at Anchor House, recently received this lovely email after one young man’s graduation from the program:

Hi Greg,

 I just wanted to send a thank you to you and your staff for all your work with Jimmy*. Sorry I couldn’t hold it together yesterday.  As you know he has been a roller coaster ride for the last two years and a lot of investment and time has been put into keeping him alive.  I hate to say it but never thought I would have been sitting in that room watching him get his coin.  I have seen such growth in him and really felt the support your team has shown him over the past two months.  To see him reunited with his grandparents and aunt was priceless.  I appreciate that you all did not give up on him and trusted me that I wasn’t insane by sending him your way.  I am so grateful for your team and will continue to send clients your way.  Thanks again for all you do and feel free to share this email with your team.  On to the next, one kid at a time.

 Angie Reed
Kootenai County Juvenile Probation

When I emailed Angie to ask if we could share her message with our donors, she didn't hesitate to respond, “Absolutely share it. I also want to add that I appreciate the continued support even since Jimmy has been out of Anchor House.”

Here’s to Angie, the Anchor House staff, and all the other dedicated, caring professionals who don’t give up, even when believing isn't easy.

*Note: "Jimmy" is not the client’s real name. We’ve changed it here to protect his privacy.

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