Katie's Success Story

Posted by Idaho Youth Ranch on Aug 21, 2018 5:35:00 PM
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When Katie first came to the Ranch Campus, she had no intention of ever returning home. Adopted as a teenager, she feared that her parents loved their biological kids more and the resulting conflicts had torn the family apart. Her intention was to complete the Ranch program, move into independent living, attend college, and never look back.

“Home” is not always a safe or certain place for many young people.

The Ranch offers a long term residential option; we give kids a place to heal, a place to learn new ways of coping, and a place to begin a new future. By working on the Ranch and participating in Equine Therapy, Katie learned new skills and tools that helped her succeed. The help Katie received at the Ranch gave her new insight and understanding.

At the same time, eager to help strengthen the family’s relationships, her parents began working with our Family Counseling and Reintegration Services. Together, the family learned better ways to communicate when problems arise. It’s not just the children that need help. Often these situations require the family to make changes as well. By participating in the Family Counseling we were able to reunite Katie’s family.

By the time Katie left the Ranch she was ready to move back in with her family until college started in the fall. They had a great summer together with little to no conflict, and Katie left for school knowing that she is loved and her family ties are strong. Katie also found the time to work two summer jobs to buy her own car. With the help of an Idaho Youth Ranch Scholarship, she's doing really well in her first year of college. Katie plans to go into social work to help others in the same way she and her family have been helped.

Does your family need to see the kind of restoration Katie's did? Check out our upcoming parenting classes and the options your children have in our programs.

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