Idaho Central Credit Union Delivers Sweet Treats to the Thrift Stores

Posted by Idaho Youth Ranch on May 19, 2020 9:54:42 PM
Idaho Youth Ranch
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Last week our friends at Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU) took treats to all Idaho Youth Ranch Treasure Valley thrift store locations to thank them for all the hard work they have done to reopen the stores and begin taking donations again.  

ICCU also helped another nonprofit with their generosity- The Girl Scouts.  The Girls Scouts cookies sales were badly affected by COVID-19. Each year, The Girl Scouts make a large portion of their cookie profits selling to customers in front of retail locations, including Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Store locations. Since the virus prevented the girls from selling cookies in front of stores, the cookie sales were way down. That’s where Idaho Central Credit Union stepped up and made a big purchase! 

ICCU bought tons of boxes of cookies from the Girl Scouts and are spreading love with them throughout the community- including our thrift store locations! Thank you, ICCU!

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