Jennie, a single mom, worked hard in low-paying jobs all of her life to support her children. She has also cared for a 14-year-old boy, Jacob, since he was left in her home by his birth mother when he was only three days old.

Jennie always meant to make it official and adopt Jacob but she didn't know how she would manage to pay for the legal fees or the home study. When the school system notified her that Jacob would have to leave school unless she could produce his birth certificate or prove she had legal authority for him, she turned to Idaho Youth Ranch Adoption Services for help.

To help Jennie get the adoption completed, Donna Euler, our Adoptions Program Supervisor, took the case on a pro-bono basis. A generous attorney in Sandpoint agreed to donate his services and the adoption filing fees, and the process began.

Donna wasn’t sure what to expect when she made the long drive to Jennie's house for the required home visit and interviews. But even though Jennie’s home was small and sparsely furnished it was also clean, warm, and homey.

Her children (both teenagers) were smart, polite, well-adjusted and planning to attend college to become medical professionals.

“It nearly brought tears to my eyes when Jacob told me how desperately he wanted to share his mother's last name and legally be part of the family,” Donna said. “I am proud to be part of an agency able to help such a deserving family, who couldn’t have afforded this adoption otherwise.”

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