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Bear Gets Eye Surgery- Thanks to Idaho Humane Society

During a visit to the vet in December, we learned that Bear, our beloved Hays Shelter Home dog, had a birth defect which would cause him to go blind without surgery to correct it.

The team at Hays was concerned, because Bear had so quickly become part of the family. Everyone wanted him to get the care he needed, but as a non-profit we have to carefully consider every expense so that we use our donor dollars as responsibly as possible. We were worried about how much the operation might cost and how we would cover it.

At a follow-up appointment, Bear's veterinarian at the Idaho Humane Society (IHS) confirmed his condition and the need for surgery. And that’s when we got the best surprise ever.

Unsolicited, the Idaho Humane Society veterinary program offered to provide Bear's eye surgery, as well as all his future veterinary services, free of charge to the Idaho Youth Ranch! They know what a difference Bear’s healing presence makes, every day, in the lives of kids who are struggling, or who may have been hurt, neglected, abandoned, or abused. This wonderful dog, rehabilitated through the Humane Society’s IDAPI program, has found his life’s purpose.

The surgery went smoothly, Bear was an exemplary patient (of course!) and he made a speedy recovery. No more itchy, runny eyes. He’s now healed and happily back on the job- greeting visitors, playing fetch after school, and doling out plenty of tongue-lolling, tail-wagging love and attention.

We can’t thank the Idaho Humane Society enough for all their great work in the community, and especially for making it possible for the Hays kids to enjoy the unconditional love that only a dog can provide.

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