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A Little Piece of History

It's true: what goes around comes around. This morning, the IYR Distribution Center crew found an unlabelled CD full of photos buried in a box of donated items. It contained about 30 shots; some showed Ranch Campus residents and staff taking part in a holiday parade (from the hairstyles of the spectators I'm guessing the '80s), and a few more were of Ranch kids working with their 4-H animals.

To protect the privacy of the kids we serve, we can't publish photos that show their faces without their (or their parents') permission, but the CD also had this great vintage shot of bucking hay, which probably dates from the Ranch's earliest days in the late '50s or early '60s.

There was no note in the box, no receipt, nothing to help connect the CD to the person it came from -- but our sorting crew was delighted to discover and share it with the rest of the IYR team.

We'd all like to thank whoever made sure the Idaho Youth Ranch got back this small but much appreciated piece of our history.

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