Rescue Dog, Turned Rescuer

Hi, I'm Bear the Therapy Dog and I am a very good boy! I live and work at Idaho Youth Ranch Hays House. I am a chocolate lab and golden retriever mix- and I have a really important job!

My main responsibility to make the kids at Idaho Youth Ranch Hays House smile and laugh and play like kids are supposed to play. Sometimes that means playing fetch in the yard! But sometimes my kids seem really sad and I don't always understand why but it's my job to lay my head in their laps and be their buddy until they feel better. Additionally, I have been tasked with keeping squirrels out of the yard at Hays House. Well, no one told me I have to do that, but I'm just a real go-getter so I took it upon myself to chase the squirrels. Let's just say that my job is ruff, but rewarding!

One very interesting and cool fact about me is that I was specially trained through the Inmate Dog Alliance Project of Idaho (IDAPI), which is a program that is a community partnership between the Idaho Humane Society and Idaho Department of Corrections. I was a just shelter dog when I was specially picked for the IDAPI program. As part of the program, I spent two months getting very fun and really important training in an Idaho correctional facility, where nice inmates cared for me and trained me on my super special skills. 

My super special skills include sitting, laying down, crawling, shaking paws, and a lot more skills that I can't remember right now. 

My favorite things to do includes:

  • making my kids smile real big
  • doing tail wiggles
  • chewing/chasing extra fuzzy tennis balls
  • getting belly rubs
  • playing with my fun rope
  • laying in my cozy bed
  • going outside 
  • coming back inside
  • eating treats, dog food, dog bones, and people food that my kids drop (shh.. don't tell)

OH, also I have a Twitter. You should follow me and you can see photos of me and get updates on the fun things I do. Follow me now.