Application for Fully Vaccinated Employees to Meet Without Masks and Physical Distancing

Consistent with guidance from the CDC, we are pleased to announce a new in-person meeting option that allows fully vaccinated employees to meet in person with relaxed rules for masking and physical distancing. This is a voluntary program that requires an application and prior clearance by HR. Read-on to learn more about this new option and speak with your supervisor or HR if you have any questions.

What is changing:

  • Once cleared by HR in writing, fully vaccinated employees can meet with other fully vaccinated employees, without masks or physical distancing, in private meeting spaces behind closed doors.

  • Additional conditions apply – see the Application for further details.

  • This is an optional program. Eligible employees do not need to apply, and no one should feel pressured to participate.

What is not changing:

  • Except as noted above, all other IYR COVID safety protocols remain in effect.

  • This includes masks and physical distancing on IYR property unless an approved exception applies.

  • Virtual meetings are still our norm unless your ELT member determines the virtual format will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the meeting. However, this new meeting option for fully vaccinated employees who have been cleared by HR is an exception to that norm and does not require prior ELT approval.

How to apply: