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In fiscal year 2014, the Idaho Youth Ranch helped 2,214 kids and their families in extraordinary ways. We're changing lives one child at a time--thereby influencing entire future generations to grow and thrive in more positive directions.

It's about outcomes.

How do we know if our services are making a difference? We stay in touch and track outcomes, measuring a variety of tangible and intangible elements that add up to a fulfilling, rewarding life.

It's about follow-up.

One year after completing services at one (or more) of our programs, here’s how Idaho Youth Ranch alumni are doing:

  • Education and employment – 96% are working, in school, or both.
  • Sobriety -- 72% have not used drugs or alcohol since discharge.
  • Family Relationships – 75% have positive relationships with adult family members.
  • Other Relationships – 86% have one or more positive friends.
  • Community Connections – 86% know how to access resources and support in their communities.
  • Health and Well-Being – 100% tell us their health has stayed the same or improved.
It's about stories.

When you hear personal success stories from the kids themselves, these numbers take on a whole new meaning.

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