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Impact of Support

Every dollar helps change a child's life

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for Idaho teenagers.

Imagine being 11 years old and feeling your life was so bad that only suicide could stop the pain.  Last year one third of the kids at Hays Shelter Home had already attempted suicide.  No child should ever feel that suicide is the best solution.  We help them put their lives back together.

Neglect leaves invisible scars.

Imagine the loneliness of being 13 and knowing your parents would rather get high than watch your football game. Some experts say that parental neglect has more devastating effects on children than physical abuse. We use research-based treatment models to help children heal and develop the skills to cope with life’s struggles.  

When parents aren’t around.

Imagine living with your grandparents because your mom and dad are in prison. Over 12,000 Idaho grandparents have primary responsibility of caring for their grandchildren.  The most common reasons are incarceration or substance use of the parent.  The Ranch is there when things get rocky – a place for grandparents to get a break and help to get things back on track.

1 in 4 girls will be sexually abused.

Imagine your bedroom is not your refuge, but your prison.  When sexual abuse tears apart a family, Hays Shelter Home provides a safe haven for kids experiencing abuse. The Ranch helps repair the emotional and psychological damage.    

You can’t get a job without experience and you can’t get experience without a job.

Imagine the fear of entering the adult world at 18 with no preparation, no support, no family, no experience and no skills – and no confidence that you have anything worthwhile to offer.  YOUTHWORKS! classes build confidence, teach skills and offer hands-on experience.

Sometimes even good parents need help.

Imagine being a single mom with three challenging kids and two jobs.  You feel out of control, unprepared and afraid you might do something rash.  Our family therapy uses research-based counseling techniques to strengthen, support and equip families for success. 

Imagine every Idaho child has a chance at a promising future.  This is our vision. Join us and become part of the promise.


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