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Auto Sales

Idaho Youth Ranch Auto Center

The Idaho Youth Ranch is not your typical used car dealership. We own and operate an auto lot so that we can go full circle, from the vehicle donation to the sale, to maximize the impact of contributions in motion. Especially the impact on the future of Idaho’s kids.

Going the distance

The Idaho Youth Ranch maximizes vehicle sales for both the greater good and in some casedonor’s potential tax benefit.


Someone like you donates a car. Or a truck. Or motorcycle. Or RV. ATV. Trailer. Snowmobile. Boat. Golf cart. Commercial vehicle. Even an airplane. One of our auto sales specialists can help you with the paperwork details and tax deduction information when you call us at 208.375.7965.

Resale or Repurpose.

The Idaho Youth Ranch is one of only two non-profit organizations licensed in Idaho to sell cars and trucks from our own lot. So each sale adds up to more in the end. In some cases, we repurpose donated vehicles directly for use in our youth programs instead of selling them.

Full Circle.

The best part? The IYR Auto Sales Center process makes sure more funding goes directly to our programs and services that help Idaho’s most vulnerable kids.

*Consult your tax professional for full details.

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