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Ways to Give

Partners for The Promise DONATE MONTHLY TO IYR Become a Partner for The Promise donor with a gift each month. Your monthly gift means strong and timely funding that allows IYR to spend more of our time and money on transforming the lives of Idaho’s most vulnerable and desperate youth.…


When Idaho youth need our help, we assess their challenges, their circumstances, their needs, and their support system in order to find the best path for a promising future. We begin by identifying the best treatment path based on the child's need and the family situation and use a unique…

How We Help

Every kid who comes to us faces their own unique challenges and issues. So we adapt our services to meet their needs, instead of the other way around. The Idaho Youth Ranch approach is to intervene early, when our help can do the most good; treat the whole child, not…


How to Get Started

Our in-depth assessment process helps parents and IYR clinicians design the right treatment approach to meet the child’s needs and the family’s situation. It’s all about what’s best for your child, not about trying to make your child fit into any specific path or program. That might mean residential care,…

Common Profiles

We help kids like Emily. At 13, she’s already seen more violence at home than most of us see on TV. She’s lonely, hurt, scared and has had to grow up too fast. She numbs her pain by rebelling and sneaking out. She’s sexting and getting involved with older guys,…

Who We Help

Are you worried about your son, daughter, or a young friend who is teetering on the brink of serious trouble? Is your son spiraling out of control? Is your daughter dating guys way too old for her? Is your son always alone in his room playing video games, living in…

Homepage Slideshow

Jerry Finds His Path

Very few success stories move in straight lines that never waver. For many of the kids we work with at IYR, the path to a promising future includes some setbacks and challenges along the way. The good news is that your support of IYR makes it possible for them to…

EAP: the Healing Power of Horses at IYR

At the Idaho Youth Ranch, equine therapy is available to children and families who participate in any of our programs and services, not only kids in residential care. That includes family therapy, group and individual counseling, short-term crisis relief, even adoption services—because it gets such realiably great results. Kids who…

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